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National Postdoctoral Research Station:

In 2010, it was examined and approved by the National People's and Social Affairs Department and the National Postdoctoral Committee for the establishment of a science and technology platform for the Company to closely integrate production and research, personnel and training, research and transformation, and to keep Leo in the digitalized medical Equipment and medical information technology new technology leadership and scientific and sustainable development capacity to achieve post-doctoral and sustainable development of enterprises, "win-win."

Jiangsu Province academician workstation:

In 2011, Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Department approved the establishment of Jiangsu Province in the medical device industry first academician workstation.

Jiangsu Province Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation:

In 2012, the provincial department of education approved the first enterprise post-graduate workstation in Xuzhou medical device industry jointly established with Nanjing University of Science and Technology and Xuzhou Medical University.


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