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Cooperative Partner

First, the core idea

Continuous innovation, stay ahead

Second, business philosophy

Sincere friends, win-win partners, strategic alliances

Third, the spirit of enterprise

Help each other, work hard, and sincerity, the pursuit of excellence

We will provide you with:

Professional product technical training
Market expansion technical support;
Detailed marketing plan
Auxiliary marketing methods

We welcome the domestic strength of the channel partners to jointly create a better tomorrow!

Contact information

Company Address: Jiangsu LEO Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Yue Bo
Tel: 0516-83530655 15852115199


Sales Hotline: 400-682-1118

 Sales Hotline: 800-828-1807

Address: High-tech Zone, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Second Industrial Park Yinshan Road on the 16th

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